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HP Partner First Roadshow 2019

This blog will keep you updated regarding the latest activities during the HP Partner First Roadshow 2019

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Venues that take you to success!

June 21st, 2019


We all know that venues are very important to an event experienced. This year Dutch and Danish team had it very clear for their HP PFR in their countries.

In Amsterdam, partners enjoyed an amazing experience in a very special venue that didn’t leave anyone indifferent; the Johan Cruijff ArenA, the home stadium of Ajax football team.

The plenary session was held at the field and a special lunch for a VIP group took place on the pitch, making people feel the energy that remained at the Stadium after a great Champions League season.

On the other hand, in Copenhagen, after 2 years, the event was held again at the ARKEN museum, mixing the interesting learning and technology knowledge with a beautiful group of contemporary art exhibitions. This strange combination gives a completely twist on the partners experience, who provided great results at the feedback session. 100% of the attendees would come back to the event next year.


Spain did it again!

June 5th, 2019


Spanish team went for the streaming format as they did last year, beating everyone’s expectations once again and obtaining the best results of this wave so far.

Partners attended to the general session where they received their training and afterwards, they had the opportunity to visit the demo room where the products were exhibited and the presenters were available to answer all their questions face to face.

This kind of format is perfect for events with high attendance number like Madrid. But it’s not that easy to plan, it requires a lot of hard work and preparation, as everything is streamed on live and they only have one opportunity to give their best.

Congratulations to the Spanish team for another successful event!

The HP Partner First Roadshow taking place high in the sky

May 7th, 2019


The roadshow in Vienna was hosted in a high-class event location: probably Vienna’s most unique event space on the 35th floor of the “Vienna Twin Tower”.

At the lofty height of 382 metres, the highest point of the Austrian capital, attendees enjoyed a breath-taking 360º panoramic view over the beautiful city.

The venue selection is a key point for the attendee experience, the surprise and the spectacular look & feel are very important aspects, without overseeing the functionality and comfort.

The WOW factor together with the amazing views, the natural daylight, crucial for a good training, the easy access to the location, a tasty and energizing food, as well as an optimized use of the spaces results in a successful event!

BELGIUM – Where the HP First Partner reawakes the art

April 16th, 2019


The Roadshow keeps moving and we recently were in Brussels. The Belgian capital, considered European centre of contemporary art, was THE place to present a new innovative concept, which mixes art, technology and printers.

Think of a software that, combining artificial intelligence, technology and art, surprises the curious attendees to convert photos into artworks.

As simple as taking a picture, connecting the camera to the PC, and choosing the design of preference, the device automatically created an exact replica of a Monet, Miró or Van Gogh painting from the picture taken.

This revolutionary technology did not only impress the attendees, it also made it possible to hand out a great souvenir worth of any renown art museum.

On top of that, attendees enjoyed the games offered through the APP winning juicy prizes.

Music is always a good way to start your day

March 21st, 2019

This is one of the reasons why it is a great idea to include music as introduction during your event main session.

London and Marrakech have already hosted many participants this year for the HP Partner First Roadshow, and we could proudly say that they have been a success. Lots of partners attended to get their Personal Systems and Print Sales Certifications and, on top of that, they had the chance to listen some nice music to begin an energizing day.

Both countries, United Kingdom and Morocco, offered to participants a live show to astonish them. By adding some musicality to your events, you can get your mood boosted, an immediate emotional “hit” and help to face the day on the right foot.


And so we did!

In London, we could see how a music band performed during the opening session, introducing each speaker and presentation. Fortunately, this was not an isolated case. Last week in Marrakech, we enjoyed a great performance where a man played the lute accompanied by a group of local dancers. They managed to charm the attendees with their moves and rhythm creating a full immersion into the Moroccan folklore and culture.

These activities finalised with a great feedback from the participants in both events.

Let’s see which other surprises are awaiting for us in the next countries that the HP Partner First Roadshow is visiting!

Stay tuned and do not miss any news related to the roadshow!

The HP Partner First Roadshow Team

Are you ready to live the HP Partner First Roadshow 2019?

February 25th, 2019


We are! A few weeks ago, we had our first event in Barcelona and we helped to get all the trainers trained. These participants will be now able to share (around the EMEA region) all the HP knowledge to their Partners.

Once again, we worked on improving the events’ look and feel. We believe that “less is more”. By reinventing ourselves year by year, we try to get a better experience for you at the HP Partner First Roadshow. For that reason, we continue our improvement for a more technological look, including more lighting and a more elegant feel that matches with HP products innovation.

If you visited the Partner First Roadshow in previous years, we invite you to come over again and you will get a new experience thanks to all the upgrades of this wave.

If you have never attended to one of the HP Partner First Roadshow events, we encourage you not to miss the chance to learn about the latest news regarding HP Products and Services in a hand-to-hand environment, enjoy a different day with your colleagues and HP contacts and network at the same time. We are sure that you will come back next year!

We are looking forward to seeing you at the HP Partner First Roadshow in your country!

The HP Partner First Roadshow Team