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 HP Partner First Roadshow 2018


Bringing our EMEA partners together to share 2018’s latest products and solutions.

What is HP Partner First Roadshow?

The Partner First Roadshow is designed to deliver hardware certification training to our channel partners.

The HP Partner First Roadshow 2018 is an EMEA wide program offering you a unique opportunity to experience HP products and solutions in a dynamic and hands-on environment.

The HP portfolio is presented in a number of workshop sessions where you will see and hear about our solutions around A4 and A3 printing, Mobility, Security, Supplies, Education, Media and Entertainment, Healthcare and much more.

Why should you participate?

During the various live breakout sessions you will get up-to-date and important information on products and solutions relevant to your business and to meet your customer needs.

Register now and make sure you participate in the HP Partner First Roadshow 2018.

Who should participate?

The event content is aimed at HP channel partner sales people.

Participation at the HP Partner First Roadshow 2018 counts as an equivalent to existing HP hardware sales certification for 2019. These certifications are one of the requirements to achieve or maintain Silver, Gold or Platinum Partner First status.

Only attendees that attend the full day training and provide their HP Learner ID at time of registration will be eligible for this credit towards their HP Partner First status. Attaining either PS and/or Print hardware certification is dependent on attending specific workshop sessions, this will be clearly explained on the registration page.











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If you have any further questions please don´t hesitate to contact the HP Partner First Roadshow Support Team.


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